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Roller Conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors for material handling

We also deals with conveyor technology for an uninterrupted flow of goods. We have a range of roller conveyor for all scenarios. All of our conveyors are customised to fit the space and use aluminium profiles to frame and support the conveyor in any configuration.  Their various uses are extensive, from transporting goods between workbenches to large automated production facilities.

1) For simple goods transportation - Side Strip conveyors can be used.

2) Conveyors with Caster Rail - This system is flexible for manual work piece transport 

3) Roller Conveyors with easy running castors for universal use. Can also use with Flanged wheel for guidance along Conveyor line or castor ball sets and EDS brush sets suitable for table tops that connected to your interlinked track.

4) Chain driven roller Conveyors 

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